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New LightFair “Lightineraries” Highlight Trade Show And Conference Synergies

LightFair’s dynamic, new “Lightineraries,” combining Conference and Trade Show education with relevant exhibitor products in four categories, will enrich the overall market experience for attendees, May 21-25, 2023, at NYC’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

Meet the Mini Yukon

The Mini Yukon is the perfect lighting solution for compact spaces! Designed to fit standard stud wall construction, this fixture features an indirect linear array with wide throw or forward throw distribution options, capable of producing over 500 delivered lumens. 

Emergency Lighting - What is an EM driver?

Emergency Lighting is a code requirement for every commercial building. We will talk more about what it is and why it is needed, but first, what is a driver?

Power Efficiency for Sustainable Classroom Applications with Acuity Brands’ DC2DC Architecture

Acuity Brands’ DC2DC architecture provides for distributed DC power to a LED lighting system, enhancing its efficiency by eliminating the need and cost to convert AC to DC power at the luminaire, and facilitating the installation and commissioning of lighting controls.  Intrinsically more efficient by design, our DC-powered lighting architecture also delivers savings at design and installation, facilitates maintenance, and empowers lighting design focused on sustainable and well-being applications. 

The DC2DC architecture is particularly suited for design of spaces, such as classrooms, that consider both energy efficiency and occupant comfort and well-being, and that are typically designed with multiple lighting zones.

Introducing the Outline T-Grid

The Outline T-Grid light is a sleek, modern fixture offering a clean aesthetic and easy installation. Outline comes standard with field selectable wattage and CCT. Available in two sizes, this light is a perfect addition to commercial, retail, and office applications.