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UltraLights in the Wild

Beautifully placed fixtures to spark inspiration.

Lighting Design Considerations Between Low Voltage and Line Voltage Installations

Today’s homes are filled with devices that require electricity to operate, but in the late 19th century, lighting was the primary driver in the electrification of residences. 

Tune into acoustic lighting

A-Light combines the most advanced sound absorbing materials with high performance lighting to create a functional yet decorative solution for reducing ambient noise. From suspended and surface mount options, direct/indirect lighting, unique product shapes and vibrant color options, our acoustic package has got you covered.

Academic & Healthcare: Communal Spaces

Academic and Healthcare institutions uphold similar qualifications in architectural design and function. These facilities have to maintain a certain energy and mood to ensure individuals are performing at their best. Lighting solutions play a critical role in creating a space’s function and atmosphere; from lighting design- color finishes configurations, to light performance- color temperatures and beam angles.

Available Now: iO CovSelect

The new iO CovSelect is your one cove solution for any indoor cove application. With its integral 0-10V driver, runs over 200 ft from a single power drop, quick connects and field selectable lumen & CCT you are sure to love the easy installation almost as much as the affordable price.