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Innovative Microstructure EdgeTech Optics™ delivers unparalleled optic control and exceptional performance with seamless illumination and uniformity. Specify Batwing, Glare Control, or Diffused (Lambertian) Optics.

UV Technology Application Design Guide for Classrooms

Proper pathogen control and lighting in schools is as essential as teachers and textbooks.  Get this guide to compare, select and design solutions able to treat both the air and surfaces, during occupied and unoccupied schedules.  Combine white light and UV light utilizing the luminaires you already know, like the BLT from Lithonia Lighting or Gotham EVO. 

Introducing the Denali Integral Pole

Our new Denali Integral Pole is the first of many poles to join our product line, and is available in round or square options. With the ability to mount up to four (4) fixtures at various orientations in horizontal, vertical or spiral patterns, our pole allows you to illuminate exactly where you desire. 

Cyclone Lighting Launches Tribeca Luminaire

Cyclone Lighting announced that it has released its Tribeca luminaire. Its sculpted, compact design brings a chic, downtown aesthetic while delivering high output.

Astros Is Out of This World

Astros by Zaneen and our partner Milan is a lighting system that brings harmony to environments and allows you to create different configurations.