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Featured Product Family: Lumark WPM Wall Pack LED

The WPM Wall Pack LED luminaire provides a traditional form with high performance energy efficient illumination. Rugged die-cast aluminum construction with a gasketed housing make the WPM virtually impenetrable to contaminants. Replacing up to 450W metal halide equivalent, the WPM wall luminaire is ideal for pathway illumination, building entrances, vehicle ramps, schools, tunnels, stairways and loading docks.

The Best Lighting for Offices: Part 2

From individual office to shared work spaces, communal break rooms and lobbies, lighting shapes a cohesive environment to ensure that individuals are content and performing at their best.

Designer’s mark

Arena’s classic circular form is now joined by square, rectangle, and straight-line renditions, new light sources, and even acoustic options! Snap-on/off magnetic connections mean light sources can be configured and reconfigured at will, inspiring the creation of signature lighting for a space.

Introducing: Acoustic Series by Lumato

The Acoustic Series by Lumato combines clean design style with visual appeal and reduces unwanted noise while improving acoustics. Discover versatile illumination, effective baffle design and complement any space with this new product series. 

Call for Speakers and Tour Guides: Lead the Conversation

LightFair is seeking engaged subject-matter experts, multidisciplinary professionals, designers, technology enthusiasts, architects, engineers, inventors, disruptors, scientists, researchers, urban planners, facility managers, community builders – this is your chance to teach an engaged audience while expanding opportunities for yourself and the lighting industry.