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RGBW Technology

An increasingly popular LED technology is RGBW due to its vibrancy and colorful output. It’s an ideal solution for a variety of applications looking to increase design opportunities while maintaining optimal light quality.

Beautiful fixtures that preserve the night sky

Long winter nights are perfect for star-gazing. Dark sky lighting restricts upward light to protect our view of the night sky.

Now Available: CoviO Graze

The iO CoviO Graze provides architectural wall grazing and wall washing to highlight vertical textures and surfaces or brighten spaces.

What Is Ultra Wideband And What Could It Mean For Lighting?

UWB has some useful and unique abilities, such as being able to monitor the position of and exchange information with other UWB devices in the area.

Is Comprehensive Healthcare Lighting a Priority for You?

Lumetta’s carefully designed lighting upgrades to healthcare and hospital facilities create better work environments for the staff–increasing efficiency and satisfaction–and allowing them to provide a higher level of care.