LEX News

Elevate Your Space with Metalux SNX

The Metalux SNX series is a fully configurable LED commercial striplight that is a versatile, elegant, high-performance luminaire offered in three versions (base and lens).

Architectural Lighting Works (ALW) Introduces LightPlane+, the Ultimate Sustainable Linear Solution

North American-based architectural lighting manufacturer ALW announces the launch of LightPlane+, providing designers with a complete sustainable linear lighting solution for every application.

Street Lighting Control Systems: Exploring Advantages, Disadvantages, and Choosing the Right Approach

The methods used to control street lighting have evolved significantly over time, from manual systems to sophisticated electronic control mechanisms. 

Introducing Wavelinx CAT

Simple. Code-Compliant. Scalable. WaveLinx CAT is your distributed wired lighting control system for single room and connected spaces that helps significantly reduce the building’s energy consumption from a single room/space to a whole building using category CAT5 cable for applications that require occupancy-based, daylighting, or manual light control.

Drop In Next Week to Hang Ten with Extant, a 10 minute webinar series!

Join us for Hang Ten with Extant on Thursday, October 26! Drop into one of our 10-minute training sessions to gain additional information on Extant products and technology.