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Zaneen, As Seen on TV

Zaneen products make their dazzling debut on the big screen.

Introducing Continua SQ4 Recessed from Corelite

The Corelite Continua SQ4 is now a complete family featuring suspended, surface, recessed, connextions, and wall mount options. The SQ4 features seamless illumination along the entire row length.

Introducing Loom from UltraLights Lighting

Loom: A clean, elegant collection of wall and ceiling lights showcasing beautiful Luxe Acrylics, which combine the textured elements of silks and linens with durable, cleanable acrylic lenses.

Steam Room? No Sweat.

This high-temperature, wet listed recessed linear fixture is specially designed for steam rooms and natatoriums.

HALO Consumer Product Packaging is Now 100% Plastic-Free

"When we realized how much plastic we were using in our HALO packaging, we committed to finding more sustainable, Earth- and life-friendly alternatives. Today, all the product packaging for our HALO consumer products is 100% plastic-free and 100% recyclable."