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HALO Outdoor Lighting Has 13 New Products!

HALO Outdoor is your solution for high quality, superior performance, and ease of installation for any outdoor residential application.

Architectural Lighting Works (ALW) Launches New Website

North American-based architectural lighting manufacturer ALW has launched a new website experience, with an enhanced user interface as part of their mission to be the easiest lighting manufacturer to do business with.

Ballfield Benefits from New High Output LED Lamp

Baseball is a challenging sport to play.  Even the best hitters fail to reach base safely more than half the time.  It can be even tougher at night on a poorly lit field, when an outfielder can have trouble seeing the ball as it moves through pockets of shadows and bright light.

Unveiling The Elegance of Pollux

In the realm of artistic illumination, Pollux by Quasar stands as a remarkable testament to the fusion of design and light. Crafted to perfection, this light sculpture seamlessly blends structure and harmony, creating a captivating interplay between form and function.