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Sustainable Lighting Design: 5 Ways to Go Circular Through Design for Disassembly (DfD)

Improving sustainability in lighting design requires making small changes, applying them consistently, and designing products with the end in mind. In this article we’ll outline five ways you can use DfD to build sustainability right into your products.

Introducing Zynn 1.5” Ring by SPI Lighting

SPI Lighting's new product, the Zynn 1.5” Ring, keeps it simple and budget-friendly with clean lines, reliable direct/indirect performance, and exceptional quality.

Three New DLC Resources To Fight Light Pollution

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) has been busy creating resources to fight light pollution! Here's three of our favorites.

The Best Lighting for Offices: Part 4

Spark creativity with a system that offers the freedom to change its height and position at any given moment.

Did You Know Lumetta Offers Interchangeable Shades?

Lumetta offers coordinating shades that will alter the ambiance of your existing Lumetta lamping and present with the impression of an entirely new light fixture.