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Project Profile: Capital One

Nestled in the heart Toronto’s financial district, the 100,000 sq ft Capital One head office spans 5 floors, accommodating approximately 700 associates. The dynamic workspace deviates from the conventional office design, drawing inspiration from innovative hospitality ventures.

TGS - High Output Security Floodlights from HALO

The TGS Floodlight Family is designed to cover a range of different use cases by including a lumen-selectable switch that can dim the light intensity. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Mule Alley – Fort Worth Stockyards & Hotel Drover, Fort Worth, TX

The Stockyards National Historic District—a popular attraction in town—also has received a facelift that will enhance the experience for groups in the area with the addition of the 200-room Hotel Drover, a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel with 40,000 square feet of unique indoor and outdoor event space.

Work with Words

‘Identity’ is a unique way of branding a light fixture with laser-cut engraving. It is an ideal option for various corporate, hospitality and retail spaces that require further spatial awareness and recognition. You can engrave text, logos or any kind of graphic that suits your business and space! 

Smart Landscape Lighting by Vista Pro

Make Vista Pro’s Chroma Connect an essential element of your outdoor living spaces. With its innovative technology, this smart home RGBW landscape lighting system enables homeowners to easily control their lighting through their smartphones, making it convenient to adjust the lighting as needed.