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Steve Mesh on the New LCA Troubleshooting Guide

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3-5 years, then you know that “networked lighting control systems” are all the rage for effective and efficient control of luminaires in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. There has been an explosion of growth in this sector of the industry. Why?

How Lighting in Smart Buildings Affects Worker Productivity

Many people spend their days working in an office setting, which can leave them feeling mentally drained and exhausted by the end of the day. But these effects may have less to do with workload and more to do with the spaces workers occupy, from monochromatic cubicles to cramped conference rooms. Can smart buildings with proper lighting design solutions be the answer? 

Jim Benya on Energy Codes

Writing for LD+A, Jim Benya argues that lighting energy codes have reached a mission accomplished stage in terms of energy conservation. Energy codes, he says, did what they intended to do, stating that by 2013, LPD had dropped 80% compared to 1973, while operating hours were reduced by two-thirds.

The New Benefits of Designing with BIM

Improve productivity, safety, creativity, and collaboration with the new tools and enhanced functionality now available

**Continuing Education 1LU/HSW**

  1. Describe how the new stair tool helps to design stair solutions that are safe and easy to navigate and meet all applicable national and local codes.
  2. Explain how the integrated collision detection feature can reveal potential flaws and weaknesses in the design before construction begins.
  3. Explore how BIM automates documentation updates and eliminates potential errors or miscommunications that can occur when the documentation is not kept current.
  4. Provide three examples of how BIM improves the collaboration between architects and the rest of the consulting and engineering team.
  5. Use new presentation tools in BIM software to engage clients.

Better get used to it…Philips becomes Signify today

Although it will still use the Philips brand for its products for the coming years, the company now wants to be known by its new title. The board approved the branding, meaning the new name and look will be rolled out across all its offices and material worldwide.