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Eaton launches Bluetooth Mesh based residential smart SSL portfolio

Eaton’s lighting business unit has launched the Halo Home family of smart LED lighting products designed specifically for residential applications. The new connected solid-state lighting (SSL) portfolio utilizes the new Bluetooth Mesh technology enabling smartphones, PCs, and tablets to communicate directly with the luminaires. Moreover, an optional wireless bridge enables access to such a home SSL installation over the Internet and also enables control of the lighting via a product such as the Amazon Echo. And the Halo Home concept goes beyond on/off control and dimming to support tunable lighting.

LEDucation - March 13-14, 2018

LEDucation is the ultimate marketplace for solid-state lighting innovations, giving industry professionals a chance to experience local and global manufacturers exhibit their latest—and many award winning—designs and technologies. Attendees can also continue their education through dynamic AIA/CEU accredited seminars that cover all aspects of solid-state lighting—from technical issues to design topics that are geared towards all audience levels.

Lighting Facts Program slated to end in March, 2018

On Wednesday, February 21, the DOE announced that it will be ending the LED Lighting Facts program by the end of March 2018. As the DLC has referenced and relied on LED Lighting Facts for several components of the DLC program, we are making immediate changes to the DLC SSL product application requirements to reflect the closure of LED Lighting Facts and streamline our process.

Lighting design solutions for coworking spaces

The sharing economy has and will continue to influence the way we vacation, commute and even work. Coworking has grown beyond a group of entrepreneurs working alongside each other, to become an industry in itself. Today, it continually pushes the boundaries and traditional ideas of “work life.” Eaton's The Lighting reSOURCE spoke with Garrett Tichy, owner of Hygge Coworking, about lighting design for coworking spaces, the challenges and opportunities it presents, and its impact on the future of the working environment. 

What’s Next For LED Manufacturers?

Both Hubbell and Eaton posted their earnings reports at the end of January, and both reported having positive fourth quarters for 2017.  But during their conference calls to discuss their earnings, both seemed certain of the same thing: there is some uncertainty when it comes to LED lighting.