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Call for Entries: Enter the 2018 Record Products of the Year Contest

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NEMA Framework Predicts Energy Savings from Lighting Systems

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) recently published NEMA LSD 79-2018 Predicted Energy Savings from Lighting Systems, a new white paper that includes a framework used to gauge the effectiveness of different lighting control methods.

University of Kansas Hospital

A variety of custom Tangent Down® shapes in wedges, boomerangs, rectilinear and curvilinear designs. The wedges and boomerangs were made to mimic the exact angles and curvatures of the custom service desks beneath.

Canary Islands installs street lights that protect night skies

There is a quality outdoor lighting system illuminating the streets of Puerto de la Cruz in Spain’s Canary Islands. 6000 luminaires crafted so light does not spill upwards and wash out the view of the area’s famous night skies. 

Get Your Money Back: An Update on Lighting Rebates

In the commercial sector, cash rebates from utilities and energy-efficiency organizations remain a popular incentive for lighting upgrades. In 2018, 79 percent of the United States is covered by an active lighting rebate program. Lighting, however, is undergoing a major technology shift to LEDs, digitization and connectivity. This has had a profound impact on rebate programs.