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LightPitch at LEDucation

If you missed LEDucation this year, here is a compilation of some exciting products and technologies that were on display at this year's event.

TRACKING ASSETS in a building using the lights is taking a major step closer this month as major supplier Osram unveils a simplified version of the technology.

Using a hospital as an example, Osram says medical equipment such as ultrasounds and portable ECG machines can be tracked in real time on an analytics dashboard. In order to be able to track assets, miniature radio transmitters called beacons are integrated into the lighting infrastructure. 

How to complement historic neighborhoods with modern LED lighting technology

What happens when high-tech lighting meets historic design? Here’s how modern LED lighting technology can complement homes and buildings in historic neighborhoods. 

TEC Studio Inc. Delivers Stunning Ohio University Project While Meeting LPD allowed by ASHRAE 90.1

The lighting design features linear tracks, with current-limiting devices and LED retrofit lamps, and thoughtful fixture spacing to deliver the necessary amount of light throughout the dining and food preparation areas in a significantly smaller footprint. 

New Technologies in Architectural Lighting for Designers

Technology has redefined the process of lighting design. The change is palpable on two fronts: the actual light sources themselves, and the tools with which designers create and develop their work. Every aspect of a lighting designer’s toolkit has been affected by the shift to digital technologies and digital light.