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Société Privée de Gérance by Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti and Simos Lighting Design

In Geneva, an Italy-based firm and a Switzerland-based lighting designer work together to revamp a 1970s building.

What Determines a Good ROI for Your Lighting Upgrade?

For most facility executives, it’s no longer a question of whether to improve energy efficiency; it’s a matter of how best to achieve that goal.

Lighting and Behavior and Health: Separating Fact from Myth

In this week’s featured episode of NAILD’s Get a Grip on Lighting podcast, Dr. Jennifer Veitch talks about what we know about lighting’s effect on human health.

Starving for Darkness

The human-centric focus on the impact of artificial light has overshadowed its effects on animals and plants.

Horticultural Lighting: The Potential of LEDs

LEDs promise the usual energy savings and longevity benefits as well as the ability to produce spectral light recipes ideal for healthy plant production.