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Understanding Technology Tradeoffs in High Efficacy Luminaires presented by Ms. Naomi Miller

This 40-minute presentation, Understanding Technology Tradeoffs in High Efficacy Luminaires, explores the key conclusions of the study in which several important characteristics of high-efficacy fixtures were verified and rated by the team at PNNL and a group of local volunteers from the lighting industry. The seven low-bay, high-efficacy fixtures included in the study varied dramatically in design, performance, and the comfort of the visual environment they created.

DLC Updates Horticultural Lighting Testing and Reporting Requirements

These revisions are designed to streamline the qualification process for horticultural luminaires and are effective immediately.

6 Important B2B Distribution Trends to Watch

A closer look at the threats posed by platform companies like Amazon and Google (and how to leverage the opportunities available to compete with disruptive forces and emerge as “winners”).

German utility E.ON backs smart lighting via powerline communications

The idea of tapping existing electrical wiring to carry data for smart lighting and building schemes has picked up pace, as intelligent building specialist enModus teamed with German utility E.ON to implement the technology, known as powerline communications (PLC).

The New Lighting Rep

Egret Consulting Group’s survey of lighting reps reveals just how much their businesses have transformed since the LED lighting revolution and the end of the Great Recession.