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QAF Is Back: 9-Day Express Shipping!

We are thrilled to announce the return of the Extant Express Shipping (QAF) program. The Extant QAF program ensures that your fixtures reach your doorstep in nine days or less*, surpassing competitors' 10-day expedited shipping schedules.


Built in 1980, the building that houses Sainte-Thérèse high school, in Quebec Canada, was looking a little worse for the wear. Renovation work began with two major projects: introducing a multidisciplinary sports centre, as well as redesigning the parking lots.

Q-Tran, Inc. Announces Jamie Devenger as Chief Innovation Officer

Connecticut-based lighting manufacturer, Q-Tran, Inc., is excited to announce Jamie Devenger’s promotion to Chief Innovation Officer. Jamie's deep understanding of the market and expertise in lighting design and performance are crucial to continuing Q-Tran's legacy of groundbreaking product innovations. 

Narrow-band Amber LED Lighting from Cooper Lighting Solutions

Yes, We Offer Narrow-band Amber LED Lighting. Loggerhead turtles aren’t the only ones glad to hear it.

Introducing the award-winning TANGENT-Shapes™ - Reuleaux Triangle

VoksLyte’s award-winning product line, Tangent™ Shapes offers a family of beautiful organic forms that will complement any design concept. Tangent Shapes is a creative family of standardized, uniquely geometrical forms that are available in all the different variations of our custom Tangent™ product line: direct pendant, direct indirect pendant, recessed exposed ange and recessed mud ange. The beauty of Tangent Shapes is that they can also be ordered in custom sizes and radii.