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Take a tour of our manufacturing facility guided by our Design Engineer, Ryan Snow.

The 1142 Linear LED Ingrade

The 1142 Linear LED Ingrade is a luminaire designed for ground recessed lighting applications, including wall washing, wall grazing, asymmetric, flood and wayfinding applications. 

Introducing the Neo Pendant - Utility Redefined

Introducing the Neo pendant. Neo’s fully luminous shade provides visual presence with soft, uniform illumination, and optimal 60/40 distribution.  Its curved, attractive, optical design supplies outstanding efficacy and visual comfort with minimal glare.

HALO Smart RL WiZ Pro LED Trims

The Perfect Light Shouldn't Need A Manual

HALO LED lights with WiZ Pro use your existing Wi-Fi network. Simply install new lights, then download the WiZ app to turn on/off, dim, find the perfect ambiance, set schedules, and more. The WiZ Pro Software Suite gives installers the power to manage multiple accounts and do pre-Wi-Fi commissioning with the WiZ Pro Setup app and access advanced features via the online WiZ Pro Dashboard.

Signify Receives Best Industry Score in S&P Sustainability Assessment

Secured highest industry score in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (Score date: September 23, 2022). Obtained full scores (100/100) in 64 categories including Climate Change Strategy and Scope 3 GHG Emissions, Risk Culture, Product Design and Innovation, Social Reporting and Policy Influence.