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Cangini & Tucci

Zaneen grows the Design division once again with our newest partner, Cangini & Tucci, based out of Cesena, Italy. This European manufacturer is best known for their artisanal lighting solutions, namely the use of borosilicate glass, which we are thrilled to bring to the North American market.


The Huntington 1 Surface T-Grid offers extraordinary optics, seamless illumination and multiple mounting options for quick and simple installation.

HALO Canless EZ-Trim

Lamp-Based Canless Trim

The Canless EZ-Trim bridges the gap between traditional downlighting (housing + trim + lamp) and canless LED downlighting. Canless EZ-Trim is available in 4” and 6” apertures and is designed to look like Halo’s best-selling trim, the 6125WB.

Luxxbox Launches Cono Acoustic Pendant

The Playful Acoustic Pendant Enhances an Environment's Acoustics and Makes a Stylish Finishing Touch to Commercial Interiors

Let’s Talk About Light & Health Series – Beyond the Visible: UV Disinfection

Dr. Bernard Camins discusses UV disinfection in the Let’s Talk about Light & Health Series, a collaboration between Mt. Sinai’s Light & Health Research Center and the NLB.