LEX News

Aculux introduces NEW WarmDim® & Tunable White Technologies

When it comes to how you feel, light means everything. Aculux is enhancing its AX3 and AX4 Series downlights with improved WarmDim® technology, where the color temperature warms perceptibly to a lovely evening glow as dimmed.

Design Meets Sustainability

Based in Valencia, Spain, Ole! Lighting is a brand of decorative and technical lighting design. Its focus on combining sustainability and modernism with high-quality materials is what makes Ole! Lighting one of Zaneen’s most sustainably innovative partners.

Lighting and Innovation – Part One Of A Four-Part Series

Explore the real innovations driven by the most compelling capabilities of SSL. Part 1 of this series examines the current constellation of narratives driving our understanding of the lighting industry.

Punctuate with Hyphen. New family of discrete recessed and surface luminaires by Fluxwerx.

Fluxwerx makes a break from the ordinary with the launch of Hyphen—a family of discrete luminaires to design, define and leave your mark.

Case Study: Spencer Middle School

Spencer Middle School, located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, was hanging on to a 1970's aesthetic. The school district was ready for a fresh look; Cooper Lighting Solutions provided contemporary and welcoming lighting and decor for its students.