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Louis Kahn’s Class of 1945 Library: Phillips Exeter Academy - Lumato Lighting

Designed by Louis Kahn, Phillips Exeter Academy’s Class of 1945 Library has occupied a central and cherished place on the campus since it opened in 1971. It is widely considered one of the most significant 20th century buildings in America. A comprehensive Master Plan for the Library building was undertaken by Ann Beha Architects in 2013 and was completed in 2015.

Could “Glow In The Dark” Plants One Day Replace Street Lights?

Millions of people watched James Cameron’s epic Avatar and fell in love with its wondrous planet, a lush landscape of bioluminescent plantlife of every color of the rainbow (of course, millions hated the terrible dialogue, acting, and general plot but that’s another article). Well, researchers at MIT are attempting to make that a reality.

Healthcare Lighting Design Tips to Benefit Patients and Clinical Staff

Lighting allows us to see and perform everyday activities, but it also plays a vital role in the psychological and physiological health of all humans. The ongoing evolution of LED technology has given healthcare lighting designers new options for color temperature and energy-efficient design. Designing lighting systems that easily change color from day to night was inconceivable until the advent of advanced LEDs.

Arup Boston's New Office: A Lighting Laboratory

A little more than a year ago, Arup Boston moved from the fourth floor of a dated office building in Cambridge to 12,000 square feet on the 10th floor of 60 State Street, just steps from Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall. The building, a 38-story steel-and-glass tower designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in 1977, features unusually large windows that provide expansive views of the harbor as well as downtown Boston.

Hubbell CEO, Dave Nord, Elected Chairman of NEMA Board

Hubbell CEO, Dave Nord, has been elected chairman of the NEMA board.  Per an Electrical Wholesaling article, “Nord said in the release that he believes that NEMA’s authority in the electrical manufacturing sector brings a positive influence on international business relationships,supply chains, and legislative and regulatory developments.