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Lumark LAS Area Site Luminaire Now Available

Lumark is proud to introduce the new LAS Area and Site luminaire! The LAS provides automatic dusk-to-dawn area lighting for parking lots, walkways, and other outdoor areas. This high-efficiency LED luminaire delivers maximum energy savings while also lowering overall maintenance costs. The adjustable slipfitter arm mounts horizontally or vertically allowing for versatility in use and a simple installation.

Tuned lighting helps nursing home residents get better sleep, study finds

Nursing home residents tend to fall asleep at all hours of the day, and during the night, their sleep may be interrupted by periods of wakefulness.

It’s a vicious cycle of fragmented sleep that can place residents at risk for poor health outcomes, including depression and increased frailty, said Rosa Baier, an associate professor of the practice in health services, policy and practice who directs the Center for Long-Term Care Quality & Innovation at the Brown University School of Public Health.

But Baier and a team of colleagues identified an innovative way to cut in half the number of sleep disturbances experienced by residents in one California nursing home — and it didn’t involve prescribing sleeping pills. Instead, the facility installed interior lighting fixtures that change color and intensity over the course of the day and night.

Introducing WaveLinx Lite

Cooper Lighting Solutions is happy to announce the introduction of WaveLinx Lite. WaveLinx Lite is a Simple, Secure and Scalable solution that blends the simplicity of standalone installation with the usability of a controlled system for an easily configured space with an exceptional occupant experience enabled by sensor grouping and zoning.
The WaveLinx Lite solution makes the commissioning process through the WaveLinx Lite Mobile App intuitive and flexible, providing more power to installers and building managers.   

Radulescu’s Webinar Last Week Focused on Patent Issues Facing the Lighting Industry

For the past four years running, David Radulescu, Ph.D., has spoken on patent issues facing the LED lighting industry during the week of LightFair.  These privately-hosted meetings have been well attended by LED lighting companies interested in learning more about the increasing threat of patent litigation to their businesses.  Last Thursday, your humble editor sat in his most recent webinar.   Dr. Radulescu discussed developments in IP litigation over the past year.

HALO 3-inch 2-Hour Fire Rated Housing Now Available

HALO is pleased to announce the addition of the 3-inch Fire Safe Housings to the 4-inch and 6-inch product family. These housings are compatible with 3-inch HALO LED recessed modules and are rated to prevent the passage of flames and toxic gases for up to 2 hours in accordance to UL 263, with the added benefit of no additional installation time. HALO Fire Safe Housings are an affordable option to provide.
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