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Scientist to uncover non-circadian health applications for lighting at Strategies in Light

One of the most exciting opportunities for emerging solid-state lighting (SSL) applications in the upcoming Strategies in Light (SIL) conference program is lighting for health and wellbeing, or human-centric lighting. While we have written and investigated instances of applying light in ways that impact the human circadian rhythm, there are new prospects for potentially treating illnesses or conditions using customized LED-based lighting systems that are developed via various scientific approaches.

Could new federal actions curb potential horticultural lighting business?

LED-based horticultural lighting is an exciting opportunity for both enabling technology and SSL end-product providers. Developing an entire system of lighting around the needs of plants, versus those of people, presents different challenges and requires a science-backed approach that is continually tested and proven in various grower scenarios.

Lumato Lighting 3" Family of Products

Lumato Lighting Releases New Products: 3-Inch Product Family
Introducing the 3-Inch Family of Luminaires, Lumato’s newest family of Linear LED products designed to enhance the visual quality of architectural spaces.  The 3-Inch Family includes Recessed, Ceiling, Suspended and Wall Luminaires that offer industry leading photometric performance housed within a compact 3” wide, one-piece extruded aluminum housing.  The 3-Inch Family of Luminaires can be installed into a wide variety of applications to provide striking linear forms within any architectural space.  Visit www.Lumato.com to learn more.

Paying It Forward

“We all know what 50 watts of light looks like.” I was doing a cross-country speaking tour for the Interior Designers of Canada when an award-winning interior designer scolded me as I was trying to explain the difference of light generation with LED compared to the tried-and-true incandescent/incandescent halogen options.

Growing Plants with 'Speed Breeding' Could be the Key to Feed the World's Exploding Population

A new way of growing plants could be used to feed the world’s exploding population. The method, dubbed “speed breeding,” can grow crops several times faster than other breeding methods. “Speed breeding” would allow researchers to study plants and improve their genetics faster, speeding up the process of breeding crops that are more resilient to disease and pests.