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Daylighting in an LED World

How has the implementation of project daylighting strategies fared with the increasing ubiquity of solid-state lighting?

The Secret Recipe for Restaurant Lighting

A pinch of this and a dash of that can create the ideal ambience. After a survey of more than 50 Manhattan eateries, the author shares his formula.

Top 20 stories of 2018 mark significant changes in SSL business

A disruptive transitional period in the SSL business has made itself apparent with many of the top articles viewed by our audience in 2018.

DOE SSL chief Jim Brodrick retires after leading LED market transformation

Here's a quick look at some of his largest accomplishments.

Keynote marks the evolution of SSL from a designer’s stance

Nancy Clanton, CEO of Clanton & Associates, delves into the past experiences of designers and manufacturers with early LED lighting, and how such lessons provided opportunities for improved development and commercialization of SSL products.