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Current & BuroHappold use Sensors to Help Telecom Giant Reopen Safely

When a British telecommunications giant upgraded their London headquarters to include LED lighting, controls and sensors, they knew they would be able to streamline the management of their building, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact. What they didn’t know is that same digital ceiling would one day be used to help safely reopen office space amid a pandemic.

A-Light Introduces Configurable Relay Luminaire

A-Light™ (www.alights.com), an established best-in-class manufacturer of specification grade interior lighting solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of its Relay luminaire. With curved and softened design elements, Relay can be configured into diverse geometric patterns with a seamlessly lit shape.

Product Update: WaveLinx Industrial Sidecar Sensor

We're pleased to announce the expansion of the Wavelinx Industrial sensor!

Fluorescence Lighting Helps Detect Impurities in Water

Shining a beam of light into potentially contaminated water samples may hold the key to real-time detection of hydrocarbons and pesticides in water. Researchers are testing the use of fluorescence to monitor water quality. The results, they say, show great promise.

Functional and Visually Appealing: Middle School Media Center

There is no where to think of that quiet is more sought after than the school library. So when looking for a functional, but also a visually appealing basis of design for this Middle School’s new Media Center were considered, Lighting Element’s Vibe and Concord product families fit the requirement on both counts.