LEX News

Introduction to Acoustic Luminaires

Similar to light rays, sound can be reflected, transmitted, and absorbed. Acoustic management therefore uses an “ABC” approach to reduce noise: absorb, block, or cover up.

Trellix Locate & ZulaFly RTLS Solution

Organizations are analyzing the result of the pandemic-enforced work-from-home experience to reimagine how work is done, the role of offices and the importance of safe workspaces.

New Report Examines LED Products as They Age

Ignoring materials limitations when choosing or designing an SSL device can result in low performance and significant chromaticity shifts during the product’s lifetime.

Introducing the Metalux Perceive: Specification Series!

The Perceive Specification series blends subtle styling with a proprietary optical system to create visual interest and provide comfortable illumination.

The Fully Switchable CPANL is Here!

Introducing the second-generation CPANL, now available with fully switchable technology while keeping the same aesthetic look and feel as the original. CPANL is the ideal solution when your project has mounting requirements, like direct ceiling or suspension mounting, that call for an ultra-thin driver box that other panels just don't have. And now, this already versatile fixture gives you even more options by adding switchable color temperature to the adjustable lumen capabilities already included in the first generation CPANL. Available in 1'x4', 2'x2' and 2'x4' - all versions are a part of the Contractor Select program.