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Is 3-D printing the next frontier for the LED lighting industry?

Although LED lighting has become a mature technology, a new technology is quickly rising as a potential benefit to the LED and SSL industries. Additive manufacturing is the fabrication of a 3D object by depositing a polymer-based material using print heads, nozzles, or other material deposition or solidification processes using a layer by layer approach with digital information from a computer-aided design (CAD) model.

The secret to designing stadiums for 4K/ultra-high definition (UHD) broadcasting and energy efficiency

With the LED lighting technology available today, stadiums can support 4K UHD broadcasts and operate with greater energy efficiency, trimming lighting costs tremendously. The secret is selecting stadium lighting that provides the quality of light required by those 4K UHD cameras.

10 challenges facing exterior lighting engineers in 2018

Street and exterior lighting engineers face myriad challenges this year, not least heightened concerns about light quality such as glare and possibly harmful blue light from LED luminaires.

Combat seasonal affective disorder with these four lighting strategies

When cold, winter weather creeps in and the days grow shorter, up to 20 percent of the U.S. population suffers from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Humans thrive in sunlight, meaning we’re more likely to have struggles related to behavior, mood and even circadian rhythm as the sun sets earlier, temperatures drop and plants wither. SAD is a potentially serious condition that requires treatment, like light therapy, to help regulate melatonin production and relieve symptoms.

Systems thinking: revolutionizing professional lighting practices

The Internet of Things (IoT) calls for systems thinking. This kind of thinking is second nature for people who work in IT disciplines such as networking and software. For lighting professionals who have no background in IT, however, thinking about lighting from a systems point of may seem as daunting as learning a foreign language.It’s best to start simple, with a working definition of the word “system.” This word is basic, but because it can be confusing, as it’s often used to refer to a number of different things.