LEX News

Testing a 20,000W Incandescent Lamp

Check this YouTube video out. A guy tests a 20,000W incandescent lamp in his garage. 



Kurtzon Lighting talks about growth in the behavioral health segment

LEX News sat down with Victor Morales, General Manager of Kurtzon Lighting, to discuss the latest LED lighting needs he sees in some of the very specialized markets he serves. 

New CEU: Advancing Light Quality for Human Preference and Well-Being

This 1.5 LU/HSW credit course will explore the latest technology that allows light quality to be tailored to human preference, recent studies on human preference lighting, and key metrics.

Get a Grip on Lighting: Showing Some Love for the Lens

Hosts Greg Ehrich, LC, former President of NAILD and owner of Premier Lighting, and Michael Colligan, an entrepreneur and inventor, talk to Louvers International about lenses/diffusers and their role in an effective luminaire design.

PNNL Seeks Used LED Street or Area Luminaires for Study on Optical Changes and Dirt Accumulation

Consider donating used luminaires that are nearing the end of their anticipated life.