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Horticultural SSL and AgTech science blooms

In perusing some recent announcement headlines, it’s clear that horticultural lighting science is going strong in 2021.

New Suspended Lumenate® Dividers

Our tastefully designed suspended Lumenate® Dividers make social distancing and space management safe, comfortable and beautiful--all at once.

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Businesses Get Back to Business with GUV Air Disinfection

GUV air disinfection isn't going anywhere. Here's why contractors should get familiar with this game-changing technology.

ALL Linear Express

No longer choose between Speed, Price, or Quality.

American Linear Lighting is excited to announce our new Linear Express Program, which offers next-day shipping on qualified products. The program will provide the fastest Architectural linear lead times with its next-day shipments, industry-leading prices, and superior quality, including our one-piece aluminum housing, standard 0-10V 1% dimming with dim to off standard, plus a ten-year warranty. The Linear Express Program offers continuous linear runs of recessed and suspended mount LED products with a wide variety of color temperature and lumen output combinations.

DesignLights Consortium Forms Advisory Group for Light Usage for Night Applications

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) announced formation of a Light Usage for Night Applications (LUNA) Advisory Group as a first step toward development of a new program to recognize and promote light fixtures that are both energy efficient and protect the night sky from light pollution.