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Punctuate with Hyphen. New family of discrete recessed and surface luminaires by Fluxwerx.

Fluxwerx makes a break from the ordinary with the launch of Hyphen—a family of discrete luminaires to design, define and leave your mark.

“With Portal, Fluxwerx pushed past conventional downlights and cylinders in our drive to give designers new and differentiated aesthetic options with innovative optics that maximize visual comfort. Hyphen is another breakthrough family of discrete recessed and surface mount products that similarly delivers on all levels.”

- Reuben Bartlett, President, Fluxwerx Illumination

Hyphen carries on the small-scale aesthetics and ultra-narrow optics of Fluxwerx Portal and Lines luminaire families. Embodied in discrete 10" or 20" forms with an ultra-narrow, linear aesthetic, Hyphen delineates a dashed path. Available in recessed and surface, and fixed and adjustable versions, Hyphen transcends traditional general area illumination and downlighting with its unique options and exceptional visual comfort.

Hyphen is available in three high performance distributions—65° Wide, 45° Medium and a 25°x75° Narrow Ellipse. Available in a breadth of length, optical, mounting and distribution options, there is an application-based solution for every need. The Hyphen collection of luminaires offers four distinct optical options: Single optics in 10 and 20 inch lengths, and for twice the output, Twin optics—also in 10 and 20 inch lengths. 

Designed to integrate into any plenum substrate with a minimum depth of ½” and a maximum depth of 1.25”, Hyphen Recessed can be chosen in either Trim or Trimless fixed variants and an adjustable version delivering a 60° lateral range of motion. No matter which you choose, you’re never locked in.

Hyphen Surface goes even further. Change your mind, or your environment. Single and Twin Optic Hyphen Surface feature minimalist aesthetics and unique and specific functional forms, both delivering 90° vertical-motion and 360° horizontal rotational adjustability.

A pure synthesis of design and architecture, Hyphen is engineered to include exceptional performance, comfort and value—without compromise.

Visit fluxwerx.com to fully explore the Fluxwerx Spring 2023 products.

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