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Lumetta Introduces NEXUS

Providence, RI – Oct 31, 2022 Lumetta, Inc., a US-based leading manufacturer of custom-designed, decorative, commercial lighting, is proud to announce the introduction of our latest luminaire, the NEXUS. This modern, organically shaped suspended pendant light is guaranteed to be the focus in any room. With its abstract fluid gestures, it’s the lighting trend to watch in 2023. 

The intriguing NEXUS is a 5” low profile structure providing uncommon lighting effects created by the reflection of light within the curved luminaire’s panel. This extraordinary lighting solution, an addition to Lumetta’s Form Collection, is geometrical and spatially designed. The organically themed free form abstract shape allows you to bring personality to your setting. It’s fitted with an etched white acrylic bottom lens and a translucent washable and antimicrobial Lumenate® diffuser in your choice of color, pattern, or imagery. Whether hung singly or in an array of various sizes, lengths, patterns or colors, the curvilinear fixture expresses beautiful compositions that are perfect for large open spaces. Modest or complex interiors will shine with the elegant, contemporary, and minimalistic design that captures the audience emotionally through sensation and observation. 

All NEXUS luminaires are offered with your choice of any of our proprietary antimicrobial Lumenate® diffusers and an etched white acrylic bottom lens for a creative and dramatic accent. These uniquely shaped keystone fixtures are available in three sizes, and in a complete array of powder coated finishes so you’ll be able to create a myriad of exciting effects providing extraordinary design opportunities. NEXUS delivers up to 8,500 lumens. Lamping is 0- 10v 1% and 120V Phase 98 CRI. NEXUS and all Lumetta decorative commercial lighting solutions are manufactured in the US with superior quality, award winning designs and stringent lead-time management. “Our NEXUS luminaires are distinctly minimalistic and influenced by the timelessness of Mid-Century Modern design,” explains Lumetta’s Product Design Lead, Bowen Wheatley. 

“Our cutting-edge lighting solutions are heavily researched and developed and then rigorously tested to create the ultimate illumination for your commercial and architectural environments. Our efficient, long-lasting products are built to elevate, astonish, and last.” 

View Lumetta’s new NEXUS as well as our other luminaires in the Form Collection, linked here!

About Lumetta: Established in 1992 and specializing in custom-designed commercial lighting, Lumetta is a national leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative, high-quality, decorative lighting solutions for commercial and high-end residential applications. 

Our team of lighting engineers and design experts work with professionals in all commercial sectors, including medical, hospitality, education, government, retail, office, and transport hubs, ensuring complete satisfaction and the best quality and professional service for all your lighting needs. We are committed to providing superior customer service and product performance. 

Lumetta’s fixtures are recognized for being manufactured with our proprietary Lumenate®, a material designed and used exclusively for our luminaire shades. Lumenate® is washable, fade resistant; antimicrobial, and designed to bring out vibrant colors, hues, and patterns. It is fully customizable to match colors and display custom graphics and imagery. For more information, click here!

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