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A Confluence of Light + Sound

Shaper Sense is an award winning, industry leading integrated acoustic and lighting product line, that also includes wireless controls options. Lighting is created using an LED edge-lit panel that produces uniform visual distributions. The addition of sound absorbing acoustic panels are designed with industry leading FilzFelt acoustic materials. This provides dual purpose from one point of installation and application. In conjunction, Shaper Sense uses Eaton's award winning Wavelinx and LumaWatt Pro control systems. The Shaper Sense patented product series is a new system architecture that allows natural light to pass through creating a window effect in this large scale product. The Shaper Sense Trapezoid has acoustic panels that are 38mm (1.5") thick, and available in 60+ vibrant and beautiful colors of 100% Wool Design Felt. In addition, the sound absorbing recycled substrate is made of minimum 60% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. Reverberation is significantly reduced due to material construction and performance. The Shaper Sense Trapezoid allows the designer to select opposing pairs of panels that allows the designer to compliment their space.

Workspace office design has gone through a revolution from high wall cubicles to flexible-modular open office plans that promote collaboration and communication. A byproduct of this design has resulted in some unwanted noise causing disruption and distractions that can lead to lower productivity and dissatisfaction of the workspace environment. By addressing the physiological components of lighting and noise from Maslow"s Hierarchy of Needs applied to workplace strategy, the development of integrating lighting and sound absorption materials from one platform becomes an ideal solution to help combat increasing noise and disruption in the work place. The Shaper Sense family of products provides simplistic shapes, with dynamic color selections that can match other materials in the space or become a highlight on their own. In spaces that use FilzFelt sound absorbing products, Shaper Sense products are a natural complement to the environment. The natural material colors can be used in these large-scale voluminous fixtures to be calming, as well as using the vibrant color selections to make loud visual statements that can help create visual collaboration cues, way finding purpose, or space delineation. The optional addition of Wavelinx wireless controls platform, adds a third layer of flexible and desirable architectural space solutions. The first series of products utilize a square light engine that is surrounded by acoustic materials in a box shape and trapezoid shape. Each shape has different color elements that can be selectable. The Shaper Sense Box fixture has a top panel that can have different felt colors, or can simply have the same felt color. The trapezoid has opposing pairs of panels for different felt color selection, or can be the same.


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