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Visa Lighting’s Sequence Square: The Legend Continues

Sequence luminaires are long, cylindrical pendants and wall sconces with fully luminous acrylic bodies. First launched a decade ago, the Sequence family quickly became an instantly recognizable staple in decorative lighting and the Visa Lighting’s best-selling product. Designers love them in clusters, in even rows, and in huge installations above vast stairways and atriums.


Naturally, Visa Lighting product designers have explored the best ways to expand on this family, especially with the advent of LED capabilities. They offered RGB sources, multiple length and width options, several modifications and custom opportunities, and most recently, an outdoor pendant version of Sequence that can be mounted along a catenary cable across streets and outdoor venues.


Now, Sequence continues to expand with a new family of Sequence Square pendants: the same long, luminous body, this time with a square-shaped acrylic. This may seem like an obvious development, but it’s a new form factor for the lighting industry simply because sharp, illuminated angles are a challenge to produce skillfully.


What does this offer specifiers? Well, the success of Sequence shows that designers value the opportunity to be creative. Like their round siblings, these pendants come in many lengths (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 feet) and 4” or 8” widths. They have an optional downlight with three different optics. They come with standard white sources or DMX-compatible color-changing RGB LEDs. Power supplies can be remote on all models, integral on 8” models, or in a painted top-mounted compartment on 4” models.


Additionally, from a visual perspective, the flat planes of Sequence Square further allow designers to accentuate vertical lines in the interior architecture. The acrylic body is fully luminous, which means illumination doesn’t diminish at the corners or ends. Mounted in clusters of various model lengths and widths, these pendants evoke an eye-catching crystalline structure.


The opportunities for Sequence Square are invigorating, and the Visa Lighting teams are excited to see what you can do with the design. Check out the model specs here.


About Visa Lighting: Visa Lighting’s mission is to forge bold, exceptional experiences through progression and creative collaboration. That’s why their performance architectural lighting products are designed, manufactured and assembled by skilled craftspeople in Milwaukee, WI. Decades of manufacturing expertise qualify Visa Lighting to promote responsible innovations in lighting technology, creating opportunities to protect the natural environment while sustaining wellbeing in the built environment. Visa Lighting is an Oldenburg Group company.


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